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Want Quality SEO Articles? – Then Remember the Relationship

What are the defining characteristics of robust, reciprocal, fully functioning relationships? Generally, they include at least these three: 1) they form over time, 2) they require effort on both sides, and 3) they are never static. And this applies no … Continue reading

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Two Crucial Considerations for Getting the Best SEO Content Possible – Target Audience and Expected Results

I taught Freshman Composition for a bunch of years. During those years, I spent countless hours hammering away at trying to impress on my students the importance of audience and purpose as the two foremost considerations before ever setting pen … Continue reading

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A Sure-Fire Way to Find the Best SEO Article Writer for Your SEO Content Needs

“I’ve tried out dozens of article writers, and I just can’t seem to find a good one. They just don’t deliver what they promise.” Have you ever found yourself saying this? I’ve heard this lament more times than I care … Continue reading

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On Good Writing – It’s All in the Details

Let’s return to Letters of E. B. White (HarperCollins 2006) to find out how to become better writers.  White should know, and he shows us, without really trying, in many of these letters.  It’s all in the concrete details.  .          … Continue reading

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