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The Circuitous History of a Freelance Content Writer

A good SEO content writer is an invaluable asset – no, a necessary partner – for anyone doing business online. Reaping traffic and clicks, building readership, boosting opt-ins, reeling in clients, increasing sales – these all call for great SEO content writing. Now more than ever, outstanding content an absolute must.

But can I provide that kind of quality writing and compelling content? Well, you decide . . .

I arrived in the land of online content writing from the world of print and with a copy-editing and academic background – a lucky thing for you indeed. Before I ever owned a computer, I put in several years as a college English teacher and writing tutor and as a freelance copy editor. I learned writing inside and out and developed a keen eye for detail long before today’s ease of revision. You learn to carefully consider every word, sentence, and paragraph when you know that revising will entail re-writing or re-typing huge swaths of text. Writing really was a matter of skilled craftsmanship.

Owing to this background, then, I have a clear command of and excellent ear for the language, which means that I produce writing readers usually enjoy reading. And, further, the website articles (or press releases or blog posts) I write for you will be grammatically correct and error free. As an added bonus, I pay attention to the often overlooked small matters that make all the difference in readability – things like effective variations in sentence length, sentence rhythms, precise word choice, and unobtrusive transitions. Now, that’s a lot of bang for your buck, don’t you agree?

I’ve been at this freelance writing thing for over 17 years now, writing website content almost exclusively for the past four years. I’ve done everything from ghostwriting to editing Ph.D. dissertations to presenting writing workshops. I’m a generalist, but that also means I’m a versatile writer. I have, for example, written website articles and quality articles for syndication on such widely divergent topics as lean manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry, plantar fasciitis, comedy shows in Branson, fitness and nutrition, real estate in Canada, how to stop smoking, and writing resumes. I also have a knack for making difficult material easy to understand for the layman and the uninitiated. This is a unique set of skills and experience that’s generally pretty hard to come by.

So, how did I start out as a pedantic English teacher and wind up as an enthralling SEO content writer? Glad you asked . . .

I was still teaching Freshman Composition and World Literature, while also working as an academic advisor and then associate registrar, and enduring the daily grind of a 120-mile round-trip commute. Then I bought a place out of town – 20 more miles farther from my job. Then the price of gas went up to almost $4.00 a gallon. And then, to top it all off, I got a raise – a whopping one-half of one percent. So I turned in my two-weeks’ notice.

I was pretty sure I could get plenty of the same kind of writing and copy-editing work I’d done before. But I also knew that kind of work would involve a lot of driving for client meetings. So I began to cast about for a way to earn my bread by writing without leaving home. It wasn’t long till I hit on the idea of SEO content writing, mostly just article writing in the beginning. I soon found out that I like it and that I am good at it. And that’s how I wound up here.

I write great content, you need content, and now we’ve managed to connect here on this site. That’s all good, but what’s the next step?

First, in order to be completely at ease, you’ll probably want to see some samples of my work. There are several samples on this site (and these are representative examples – not cherry-picked misleading ones), and more are available on request. Next, you should probably visit the FAQ page and then my rates page. If you’re still with me at that point, the best next step will be to contact me. Just be ready to provide as much information as possible about the target audience, the exact purpose of the writing, where it will appear, and length of the pieces. After I get this information, I can provide a solid quote. And, if everything goes right, we’ll agree on terms.

So, then, if you need killer content – quality articles, engaging blog posts, attention-getting press releases, professional profiles – and are interested in my freelance SEO content-writing services . . .

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Michael Hearing is a web content writer and web copywriter specializing in SEO content and web pages. If you're ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from hiring a skilled and experienced writer, then contact Michael at or at 918-766-6020.

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