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Professional Copy Editing Services for Clean and Effective Website Copy

Nothing inspires confidence in a business like a professional display of craftsmanship, accuracy, and attention to detail. That goes especially for your website. The content on your site is how prospective clients and customers get their first impression of your business. And first impressions, as we all know, matter immensely.

It’s nearly impossible for us to catch all the errors and find all the problems in what we have written ourselves. The problem is we tend to read what we think we’ve written – rather than what is actually on the page or screen. Even professional writers and best-selling authors need professional copy-editing services.

A skilled copy editor can not only save you from embarrassing, and maybe costly, grammatical blunders. But one of these writing doctors can also ensure the health and strength of your website content (or of any written communication, really) that it would otherwise lack.

Or look at it this way. Using a good copy editor is a little like having home owner’s insurance. You may never really need it, but the financial risk is too great to take the chance of not having it . . .

“You did a wonderful editing job. Thanks! It is truly a pleasure to work with someone who has such a command of the English language and is able to communicate clearly and concisely. You write beautifully. I would definitely like to work with you again on the next issue.”

—Carolyn Schmidt, Sales, Marketing & Special Projects, Cargo Network Services Corp.

“Michael Hearing is an excellent writer and editor. He listens to his client’s needs and works diligently to satisfy those requirements. He utilizes his creative talents while striving to meet the goals of his client. His grammar and language skills are impeccable. I have confidence in Michael’s ability to produce quality work and recommend him highly for any writing or editing project.”

—Debbie G., 2001 Tulsa Teacher of the Year Finalist

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Michael Hearing is a web content writer and web copywriter specializing in SEO content and web pages. If you're ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from hiring a skilled and experienced writer, then contact Michael at or at 918-766-6020.

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