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Carefully Crafted Bios – Shining the Best Light on Your Professional Profile

We’ve all seen them. They’re tedious and almost painful to read all the way to the end. That’s because they are often just a bald list of uninteresting, unadorned, and almost irrelevant biographical details – dry facts that tell you little about the person they are meant to reveal. But it should and can be otherwise.

Website bios and profiles are important: prospective clients and customers actually read those things. Your bio, then, needs to give readers a real taste of who you are as the personality behind your online business. And it’s not in the biographical facts alone. It all depends on how you present and what you do with those facts.

The target audience, your market, also plays a huge part in determining how your bio should be constructed – for example, which facts to include and which ones to jettison, what to emphasize and what to downplay, how to organize the material, proper tone and stance. It takes a skilled writer with experience in this area to get it just right.

Contact me to discover how I can help you shine the best light on your professional profile with a carefully crafted bio.


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